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Different customers have different needs

We've synchronized our sales department on the top of it. Wether specialized trade, mailorder or retail-markets, our sales department serve all commercial markets with it's own teams - suburban with a strong fieldwork an on the phone with a competent office work. 2direct gots a tight international distributionnet with more then 20.000 specialized trades, retailers, wholesales, systemhouses and exportcustomers. It's our goal, to attend to our customers in great measure; active or rather proactive. We support you with our partners and suppliers by projects and advise you by choosing products. Because of training by manufacturer and internal trainings we're always up to date about the products.

About customer and servicing

an excellent service is especially in the american and also asian markets one of the most important basics. We are steady following this principle and try to increase this part of a successfull partnership to guarantee a common way within the european market. Our team get scooled and tries beside from self-evident fairness and attractice product offers to pass all necessary information to as well as serving our custormers on a friendly way. Together we should be able to built up a professionell partnership.

How to become a partner

If you want to become a partner it has to be secure, that your or your company is acting on a comercial base. Thank's for your understanding, but 2direct is not selling to endusers. To become a partner please fill in the new customer form as complete as possible and transmit this data to us. After receiving and reviewing this information you`ll receive your customer number. If you have further questions or problems feel free to contact us by phone: +49 2351 66887-0 or send us an email.

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