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About Partnership

On that very time, in which the innovation cycles get shorter and decisions are bound to make, we set store on the constancy of our self-image. This should serve to, in an environment which becomes constantly complex, in which we are expose to constant changes, to offer you orientation through constance. As an it-distributor we don't try to do only our job, but also to do it good. We are convinced, that our work is good, when you are satisfied. That is reflected in our principle - your success is important for us. We understand it as a promise outward and a claim inwards. Through seven different characteristics, which are reflected in the personality of our company, we take this central theme into account:

React flexible means to think in advance. Because of experience, analyses and our narrow contact with manufacturers and customers we plan our range and our availabilities in advance. From the purchase up to the stock and the logistic we include all plains in our plans. Consequently we can offer a productportfolio which is aimed on the requirement ot the market.

Open: We understand us as an interface between manufacturer and customer. The exchange of experience which is arranged by 2direct increases the satisfaction of the customer on the one side an the market oppurtunities on the other side. This proportion is reflected in our large service supply.

To be innovative is obvious for an it-distributor. On this point we've built our internal structures this way, that because of communicative appereance, quick produkt transaction and efficient customer service, ideas get pushed in action. The readiness to take up innovations continues outward in our range and our entrance.

Achievement oriented thinking comes true because of independet and successoriented work. This means liberty in their workingvicinity and successoriented incentivesystems for our employees. Because of this we offer our customers a controllated price-performance ratio. Therefore the internal improvements become usefull for our customers.

Partnership: The proportion between manufacturers and customers is as partners. Your success is important for us. That means, only in a relation as partners between manufacturers and customers is it possible to work successful. Many awards for 2direct re a sign of a successful transfer of this principle.

To be reliable builds confidence. Our employees take the quality claim personally and carry the confidence of our customers with large sense of responsebility.

Head straight for one's goal: In the Web by a few clicks, in relations with customers by direct ways of communication and efficient internal structures. Offers come by a perfect cooperation with the forwarding agency straight to the customer. This succeed only, by cooperation with all sphere of activities, from the purchase department over the edp up to the sales department. With straigt we mean the shortest way to goal - your success.

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